'Sorted' Eco Mode intermittently suffered foot off regen instead of coast

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Glen Best
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I select ECO when i begin every journey, to me lifting my foot off the accelerator to coast seems logical.
Standard and Sport mode slow the car by regen when you lift your foot off the accelerator, unless your scurrying through tight turns it seems an uneconomical way to drive!
Anyway to the point.
I set the car to ECO mode, pulled away then realised it was regenning when I lifted.
It would regen the same amount as Standard Mode yet the dashboard displayed ECO.
I selected ECO again but still regen. Tried multiple times going from Standard to Sport then back to ECO but it drove like Standard
To overcome this I pulled into a lay-by cycled the ignition from on-off-on then selected ECO, pulled away and it was now coasting as it should when I lifted off the accelerator.
Its only happened the once in 1200 mile
Chalk this down as another glitch for the Ariya
On the same subject I feel having an option to have the car boot up in whichever Mode it was in when turned off would be great.
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Glen Best
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This happened again to me.
However I now realise it was me being dumb.
I had inadvertently but the drive mode into 'B' instead of 'D'. 'B' mode is for Brake.
The B is something I had noticed on the drive mode selector when I first took delivery but had completely forgot about. #It is engaged when driving by pulling back on the selector then disengaged back to 'D' by pulling back again. ie you can easily toggle between the two modes by pulling back on the selector.
This I find useful as I drive in 'ECO' but sometimes feel I need a bit extra in the braking , the haptic mode select is a bit too awkward to gain instantly but this selector is an easy pull for extra braking.
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Mine won't go into b mode at all no matter what I do?
Glen Best
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Ive edited this as I used incorrect terminology instead of 'drive mode selector lever' im changing this to the correct term 'Shift Lever'

The Shift Lever when pulled back has two for want of a better term 'stops' to it. A bit like how the accelerator pedal has a stop midway down, then press harder for the later half of travel ie full throttle.
So the Shift Lever when pulled back you feel a stop but then pull a bit firmer to get it all the way back then release, this should toggle on/off the 'B' mode.
I use it in eco mode though im sure it works in all modes.
Just to be clear im talking about what i call the Shift Lever Park/Neutral/Reverse/D/B lever and not the Eco/Std/Sport buttons
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On mine it’s a pull/ pull to engage eco mode - pull back once, drive mode - pull back again, eco mode. Not two position, just two operations.
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haha, I'm boring, I only drive in standard. I was getting frustrated as I was getting extra regen (twice what standard normally gives) every so often. Parking up and starting again fixed it. I was sure that the dealer would never spot this 'intermittent' fault. You've solved it for me, thank you. In the olden days my sloppy gear-changing was highlighted by the crashing of gears, this must be the modern equivalent.
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Never happened to be, although I don't use ECO mode that much.
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