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Ariya relevant - honest !

Does anyone have a link to or know of a source of reasonably priced sunglasses without polarisation ?

The moment I put on the sunglasses that I have used in several cars, the Heads Up Display in the Ariya seemed to develop a fault. I was hardly able to read it as it had become so dim. Dim becomes an operative word here because I thought that something must be obscuring the projector & it was my better half who quickly suggested that the polarisation in the sunglasses might be the culprit.

The HUD has turned out to be my favourite feature on the Ariya (after my 1st ever electric boot !) & I use it almost to the exclusion of everything else. It gives me the key bits of info I rely on - vehicles locked onto ICC - key press to re-engage ICC (info on main screen difficult to read easily) - distance to & desc of next bit of nav & speed limit sign with current vehicle speed - that is nearly all I need

I have searched on Amazon but par for the course, the hits that came up when I put "non-polarised sunglasses" into Search all had the word "Polarised" in their titles. It was several pages in when I found a positive hit and they turned out to be a really nice pair of Ray-Ban's but with a high price to match. The glasses that had failed the HUD test are a beautifully made pair that my wife bought for me when we were in Italy years ago. They cost an embarrassingly large amount of Lire and there is no way I am going to own two expensive pairs. Further searching found another pair for about £6 but I thought these would be so poorly made that they would not stand up to being squeezed into the drop down sunglass holder feature alongside a pair of pound shop reading glasses that I need for my mobile phone.

Finally, after many pages I found a pair that hit the sweet spot for price at £30 reduced on Prime Day to £20. When I went to the reviews the first two entries started with nearly the same words - "I have been searching for a pair of non-polarised sunglasses to use with my car's Head's Up Display ! " Unfortunately there was a common theme that became clear with buyer's complaining of poor construction & a loose sloppy fit

So the search goes on to find a solution to yet another first World problem .....

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Can't help you with the NP sunglasses but I have a suggestion to keep your reading glasses from being stored in the sunglass holder. Buy a set of "old lady strings" for hanging them round your neck. Done this for years and the practical value is so high I don't care if it makes me look even more of an old fart than I am. :lol:
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