If I order an Ariya now, how long do you think I will be waiting?

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Parks Nissan Arbroath ( Scotland ) have 1 cancelled order in showroom !

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Post by Contactbreaker »

Oh dear, Oh dear. Car just over a week old and done only 120 miles and the Pro-pilot not working properly! I have taken it back to dealership only to find that it will need a COMPLETE new steering wheel which will have to be ordered and fitted in 3 weeks time.
I have had many brand new cars of all makes, yet I have never had such a bad experience as I have had with Nissan.
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Post by RichRocks1976 »

160kW Evolve 63kWh 5dr Auto Ceramic Grey

I ordered on the 13th June 23.
I was told delivery first week of September.
Is this realistic or should I hold out and expect a longer wait?

Are there any Ariya owners out there who have actually had their vehicle delivered when told?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by ashleycarr »

Yes. I did. In fact earlier. I wanted it for March 1st it came early Feb to the showroom. They stored it until I picked it up.
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Post by bibins »

I ordered my Evolve Sports pack in Oct 2022. I picked it two days back. 9 months to deliver but what an amazing car !
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Mines just arrived today after 10 months. Advance 63kw with Sky & Tech Pack & 22kw charging options
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