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Hi all,
Not an owner (yet..), but tested the 63kW and also found the ride rather rough (see other post) on bad/not optimal roads. So also looked into tire pressure although I doubt it will make a big difference. Found 2 confusing and even contradictory parts in the manual, see attached. What the heck is heated steering and why should it have an impact on the recommended pressure?



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Post by Milkfloat »

I've read the extracted text multiple times and , like you, I can see no reason to link tyre pressures to "heated steering". It makes no sense.
However, I mention a few points
1. The ride of the Ariya is not great: in fact, it is my biggest criticism of the car.
2. The section of manual that you have extracted does not exist in European versions.
3. The car rides better with higher tyre pressures so run them at the top of any recommended range. Remember that "cold" in tyre terms = 60F or 15C. You need to adjust pressures up or down depending upon the deviation from the reference temperature.
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That image doesn't coincide with the one I have in my manual, at least on my 19" Ariya delivered on Spain.
Also I see high tire pressures on the image you posted, odd, especially since my Dunlop 050 Sport Maxx tires have printed in them to never exceed 40 PSI which coincide with the recommended pressure in my manual and on the driver's door side frame label.


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