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karltk1 wrote: Sat Sep 09, 2023 3:13 pm New minor software update just happened. Although this says software update 3 in my history, I only have 2 updates?

See pic for changes.
That update is only for some specific units that are affected by this problem, basically it fixes a software bug that can cause the instrument screen to glitch the info shown or be partially or completely black. Only around 700 units globally are affected, mine is not applicable for example.

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Good to know, thanks.
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I've also had an update and now it shows my registration plate in the rear view camera - is there any way of finding out which update was responsible and reversing it?
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There is no downgrade path with this car. Did you try the buttons underneath the rear view camera and/or the menu inside the rear view mirror. Maybe there is an off option.
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