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Hi - I've had my Ariya Advance 63kWh for a couple of weeks now. Really pleased with it so far! Main grouses are having to OK the license screen on startup each time, alarm goes off with the kids left in the car by themselves, and the media screen goes off after a couple of minutes whilst parked and watching a film on a USB stick. None of which are game changes but just annoying. Cheers - W

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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome indeed. Like any car brand there are little annoyances, as you have highlighted. If Nissan had genuinely got behind this project they could have at least kept up with Tesla but given their head start been ahead. Nevertheless it is still a really good car and could be made much better if the software was regularly upgraded and the apps supporting it actually were useful. I'm bracing myself for the entirely unnecessary annoyance of having to pay for things that are either of dubious advantage or really something that should be standard.
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My previous 3 X Trails all had a button to cancel the alarm when you left passengers in the car. Procedure here is Settings>Vehicle Settings>Alarm System>, select "Ask on Exit". Every time you then shut down (and before opening any door) you are offered a choice, On or OFF (default is on)
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