If I order an Ariya now, how long do you think I will be waiting?

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Post by ElectricDan »

I know you can go through the process and get an estimated arrival date. The dealer was walking me through a few different things.

I am just worried I will be waiting a long time. That is the one thing keeping me from ordering it. I will decide next week as I will have to get the ball rolling. Someone else is taking over my current car for me (my brother's son needs it for work) and I don't want to be without a car for several months. I don't mind waiting a few months but I don't want to be stuck waiting an entire year to get my car!

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Post by RamblyRunner »

It's a very difficult question to answer and don't think anyone will really be able to. I ordered mine in May and have been told to expect to be able to pick it up in December, but there are plenty of people who ordered around the same time as me who have a much earlier date and those who ordered earlier than I did who have a later date - and all of those dates may change.

It could depend on what trim you order and what extras you go for (if any). With component shortages, the more tech in the vehicle, the more likely you'll have to wait longer for it.

Mine is a base model with no extras. It's even in the base Aurora Green colour so in theory I should be waiting the shortest time, but I'm not banking on it.

Whatever manufacturer you go for you'll likely have the same issue. You might want to consider a cancellation order if you can get in with some dealers as that might bump you up the list.

That was no help whatsoever.

Nissan Ariya Advance 2022 63kWh Aurora Green
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Post by Cosmyc »

The waiting line if you order now is for January at best, at worst I suppose March or so, not sure. I ordered mine in June (87kWh Evolve in Ceramic Grey) and is expected to be delivered to me in mid November. I heard e-4ORCE variant is the one more further away.
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Post by angus5737 »

Just bought an evolve 87kw in aurora green.a cancelled order from the preview events.already built been told arriving mid October
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Post by Nisari »

Ordered late march, Evolve 2WD 87kWh.
Initial expected delivery date end of october this year ;). Received an update that delivery is delayed.
New expected delivery date somewhere beginning of next year. They even can’t mention the month anymore. First world problem, but still quite frustrating.
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Post by karltk1 »

Ordered my 178 KW Evolve 87kw/H in ceramic grey from stock through a lease company, delivery 13 Oct.
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Post by Jacippit »

Ordered my 87kW Evolve e-4orce in early August being advised February but suspect that's a hopefully estimate.
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Post by angus5737 »

just found out price has increased by £2300 and pcp apr to 7.75%.call to dealer was reassuring original price and apr held for my original contract.price has increased to £55890 my price was £53590 less £2000 discount.i think the price at launch was around £51000.quite a large price hike.as this car was ordered at launch i could be getting it at launch price.i dont know how nissan work but dealer could be getting this car at launch price hence my discount
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Post by Cosmyc »

Here in Spain the Ariya's price has been increased 4800€ since launch, luckily I still hold the pre-launch price, 46k€ for an 87kWh Evolve.
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Post by airay »

Hi everybody,

I have a 63 advantage on order, which has just been put back to April 2023. I ordered at the then cost of £41500 in UK.

I decided to pay for the upgrade to charge speed (7kW to 22kW).

However, the dealer thinks I may have to cancel the order and place a new order at the new price of about £46000, plus £900 for the extra charging speed upgrade!

Anybody any experience of this, is it a feature that can be turned on at a cost after delivery?
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