If I order an Ariya now, how long do you think I will be waiting?

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Post by Mike »

I like a few I’ve seen have been told by the dealer they expect it by week end 27th January.
I ordered in August and was originally told summer 2023 but wonder if this was a general answer for all cars .
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Post by paulm »

I ordered an e-4orce Evolve in May 2022 and it is scheduled for delivery at the end of February, which has slipped from the original date by a couple of months. I drive home past the local Nissan garage and I think they must have had a delivery of quite a few Ariyas last week as there were a lot in the car park one day. Some dealers seem to have stock that you can just buy straight away, which I presume must be from cancelled orders. I'm not sure mine will really arrive in February!
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Post by ashleycarr »

Where can you find them for sale without ordering?
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Quite a few on a well known car sales website. If you live in the South, Hendy have 3 in stock.
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Fish Brothers in Swindon have an -Force available for immediate delivery.
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Post by karltk1 »

Got mine through GB leasing very quickly. Dealer 12 months.
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Post by RamblyRunner »

airay wrote: Sun Oct 09, 2022 2:27 pm Hi everybody,

I have a 63 advantage on order, which has just been put back to April 2023. I ordered at the then cost of £41500 in UK.

I decided to pay for the upgrade to charge speed (7kW to 22kW).

However, the dealer thinks I may have to cancel the order and place a new order at the new price of about £46000, plus £900 for the extra charging speed upgrade!

Anybody any experience of this, is it a feature that can be turned on at a cost after delivery?
What reason is he/she giving for cancelling? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Why would you cancel and go to the bottom of the queue again and pay an additional £5,400 for the privilege?! Doesn’t make sense to me.

When I got mine I not only got the lower price at time of ordering plus a £500 discount I negotiated with the dealer, I also got a couple of thousand MORE for my part/ex due to the second hand market having gone up in price between ordering and collecting the vehicle.

You should stick to your guns and squeeze every penny out of the deal in your favour that you can!

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Post by Louis »

I ordered a basic Advance at the start of July with an estimated delivery of November/December. The date was pushed back to April, then June. This was longer than I wanted to wait so I started to look around. Found an ex demonstrator with 1000 miles on it so went for that and cancelled original order. It wasn’t the colour I originally chose, but did come with the sky pack and 22kw charger for the same price as my initial factory order.

Had it since November and it’s been great. Only issue is the pre heat alarm fault that has been reported elsewhere, but even so, very pleased with it.
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Post by JTC652 »

Fish Brothers down in Southampton have various Ariya in stock, if you’re not fussy you might get one quickly.
EV Owner for over 12 years, Ariya 87kW Evolve Akatsuki Copper is my latest.
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Post by Contactbreaker »

Collected my Advance Ariya in Copper colour yesterday. It wasn't the one I ordered in August since that one had gone out from a 9 month delivery to a 12 month delivery. Not only that, my order could not be found on the system which I was told, was probably down to a Quality Control issue, as this had happened before. So I decided to cut my losses, cancel the order I had placed in August and ordered the car I have just collected, since that had become someone's cancelled order.

America also would seem to be screaming for the Nissan Ariya to be delivered there. According to the news, some 300 cars were delivered to the States and they have orders coming out of their ears, but NOT A DELIVERY DATE IN SITE.

Keep updated on Youtube! Nissan would appear to be sorting out their differences between themselves and Renault. They ate also in talks with Mitsubishi and Mercedes, but this is only rumour.

If you want a Nissan Ariya soon, my personal advice would be to sit down and ring EVERY Nissan dealership in the country and see if they have a cancelled order sitting there and if they have, SNAP IT UP! Good hunting.
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