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Post by ashleycarr »

I decided to contact them to ask about if/when Nissan will be added to the list of brands compatible with Intelligent Octopus. To my astonishment when I was asked which car I had the drop-down list did not contain the Ariya. WTF?

Has anyone else encountered this? I had to check Leaf, at least it is an electric car, in order to be able to ask the question. I'm struggling to articulate how I feel about this. 🤬

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Post by karltk1 »

The mystery car. That explains why they have no idea about how to fix anything that isn't major hardware. Head in the sand approach.
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Post by Graham »

Guess I’m lucky that I have an OHME Pro charger whic links to Intelligent Octopus😀👍
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Post by Envolt »

@ashleycarr - WTF - you have no idea just how extreme the WTF is going on behind the scenes with Nissan..
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Post by ashleycarr »

No I don't. Compared to your experience with them I feel extraordinarily lucky - so far.
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Post by mickatkirkby »

I've had no luck either with an Ariya and a my podpoint charger , so yesterday I checked again for Ariya and an OHME and it accepts it. When I buy a TV or anything electrical for the home I don't have to check compatibilty so why are being put through this turmoil. Electric is Electric, how difficult can it be to standardise the approach. Benjamin Franklin must be turning in his grave.
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