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My dealership have been great in trying to get it fixed - emphasis on trying. They said they had reprogrammed three Ariyas not without problems as software would crash and they’d need to revive the cars (I think that’s how they referred to it). Mine though, after 20 attempts on Thursday and 27 more on Friday, can’t get completed because voltage on one of the components won’t go below certain number which doesn’t allow them to progress any further. They’ve raised it with Nissan so hopefully they’ll be given a solution soon.

I’m hoping that they release the car today even without a fix as our family really needs it to get around. I asked them if this problem was causing engines to cut off whilst driving or anything like that that would have made it really concerning but apparently that wouldn’t be the case at all so I’d feel confident driving the car without the update for a while longer. I wondered if anyone else had this problem play out for them when driving though and if so, how did that affect you?

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ashleycarr wrote: Thu Nov 16, 2023 10:21 am I wonder whether mine is the first they have done.
Turns out it was. Not without problems getting the software update complete. Pre heating the car this morning didn't work, unrelated? Well at least the alarm didn't go off either.
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I must have got lucky. My software uploaded fine, unless they didn't do it? Will check to see if any rev numbers have changed. They did acknowledge my original battery fault though. Last dealer denied it happening. Fingers crossed you get it sorted.
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Just had the recall software update done: no issue. The dealer was knowledgeable and aware of the issues that forum members raise. However, he was clear that there is no software update and nothing that addresses the myriad of problems from pre-conditioning alarm to wayward folding mirrors. So, they did a master re-set just in case that results in a benefit and asked me to "see how it goes". So, my glass is currently half full!
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Just received the letter at home about the recall.
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In the past week, I have spoken to multiple 'insiders' who say 'do not' do the recall upgrade yet as they still having issues while experimenting on customers cars to learn the process.
Its not critical and can wait effectively. Some may get lucky and others not. How long to wait.. I would hold on till at least Feb. After xmas period and enough time for them to have maybe got a few right.
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I have no hurry to do so either, my car has been nearly flawless all these months, I have scheduled service on march, they probably will do it by then.
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Had my inverter update done a couple of weeks ago. It was in the workshop for two hours. It's a software update so its not something you notice any difference with.
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Got mine done today. Western Nissan Edinburgh. Good service loaned me a Leaf for the couple of hours so good service. Car washed and hovered as well😊👍
Checked the Software Version and it is the same as prior to recall action namely: 283C36PA9E thought it might be different!?
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Further to my post yesterday I contacted the dealership re software update version being the same as before the update and have got the following:
“ I checked with the master tech who did the work, you will not see the updated version number as it has been done through the Nissan system that they use, the version you can physically see it's just version that's on the car, the actual update doesn't change the version just patches it to the current system.”
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