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Post by Graham »

Now that the colder weather is here, at least in Scotland, what settings are members recommended for both comfort and economy?

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Post by Milkfloat »

What temperature you are comfortable at is very much a personal thing. What I can say is that the temperature in the Ariya reads high. In my recent cars and my wife's car, I am normally good at 20.5C but I need 23C on the Ariya. Clearly, the lower you set the temperature, the less energy you use. Again, to minimise energy don't use the auto function and run the fan at the slowest speed that will do the job of keeping windows clear and you warm.
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Post by karltk1 »

It doesn't matter what I set mine to its either cold or cold, normally around my legs and nether regions.

Actually the worst HVAC I have ever used. It does so many random things, but it is consistently cold unless you crank it to stupidly high temps. Definitely not climate control.
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Post by Cosmyc »

No problems with heating on mine, if I want the interior to be at 24⁰C for example, then I add +3⁰C to any target number I want which in this case is 27⁰C and it works perfectly everytime, for cooling and heating.
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Post by ashleycarr »

Just used the seat and steering wheel heaters today. Come winter though it will be as warm as I want it to be. Range isn't an issue for me and the cost of charging for me is acceptable at 8.5p.
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