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Hi everyone,

I have just signed up for my next EV. Having driven a Peugeot e-2008 GT for the last 3 years, I wanted a car with more space and greater battery range. I decided on the Ariya Evolve (FWD) with the larger battery. I got a good deal through a leasing company called Select Car Leasing in Bury St. Edmunds. It's a factory order in Aurora Green. I'm really excited about this car, as it just seems to be a better car all round, compared to the Peugeot.

Don't get me wrong, the Peugeot has been a good car, except for these things.
1. The Peugeot app is utterly atrocious. Frequent bugs, disconnections and failure to initiate climate pre-heating etc. I hope the Nissan app is better.
2. The badges/decals that show that it is the electric version, have lost a lot of the blue metallic paint finish, which is a manufacturing defect.
3. In cold weather, the range drops to about 130 miles (0 to 3 degrees C)

My test drive in the Ariya was brief, but the car felt assured and pleasing to drive. I liked the e-pedal, which is a vast improvement on the Peugeot, which only has drive modes D and B. It took me a while to arrive at the Ariya, though. I tried the Skoda Enyaq, Volvo C40, Polestar 2 and Kia EV6. The refreshing thing about the Nissan is that unlike a lot of those other models, you get a lot as standard and it includes a heat pump (and extra on all the others).

I don't know what sort of wait I can expect, but I hope to have the Ariya by late April, early May.

Does anyone have any pointers on things I should be aware of one these cars? What things I should turn on/off in the settings etc?
Many thanks,

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Post by ashleycarr »

The Nissan app is pretty poor but at least does do what it is set up to do. The problem with it is it tells you virtually nothing of any use. You can't control the charge % you want to put into the car, massive over-sight frankly. Mechanically the car appears to be right up there for reliability. A couple of niggles have been the alarm going off when pre conditioning in Winter but mine appears to have stopped being a problem, some steering wheels have had to be replaced, not mine though. The charging curve and efficiency could, or rather should, be a lot better than it is. Rarely do I experience 100 kwh + charging, regardless of conditions. That is unacceptable on a car at this price point. Value for money is really poor these days but the car does deliver a terrific experience all round so I can't complain.

The software interface is a bit amateurish these days, information limited and a little clunky in operation. Excellent HUD and the driving assistance is very good compared to the feedback I've seen from other model EV drivers.

In summary, if the car was 1/2 the price Nissan would have had another Qashqai type success. It isn't so it isn't. A 3 year old version will be a bargain because the residuals are likely to be a bloodbath.
Ian Thompson
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I have Ariya evolve e4orce on order since Oct last year and have estimated delivery in May 2024, that will be 7 months. Only way to get quicker is ask your leasing company what uk existing stock cars they have, that would cut out the build, transit & importation waiting times
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