production design errors doors Ariya?

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Post by Cosmyc »

I haven't experienced the variable parking brake operation if the correct criteria is met, heating, lumbar and mirrors with their mind happened only once or twice within the first month, already forgot what was that.
Also my dealer has been able to fix many fitting noises successfully, new seatbealt, new inner door trim for the rear right door, supplemental fittings for manual glove box and sunroof, inverter update, map update, new inner support for the right mirror and a lot more.

Very pleased with the dealer and the authorized labor under warranty from Nissan.

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I took mine in for false alarms when pre heating. They rang after lunch saying they contacted Nissan and no fix yet (was mid Jan). Advised to disable internal sensors on switch off. I asked if that could affect my insurance if I had a break in claim? Silence……

So if there is a software fix, let me know and I’ll call back. Weather changing so less chance until hot summers (wishing….)

Other than that I’m loving the car.
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Yes, there is a fix for the cabin heating alarm. Several people on the forum have had it done but none of us have any reference number or document to publish. My local dealer had no idea and referred me to another branch who knew about it and did it.
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I’ve been trying to get mine fixed for a long time …..had the wiring re-routed ( NO JOY ) was in for recall software update but the the ev tech was not qualified for the alarm software update !!! Took it to another dealer who called me yesterday to say a TECH BULLETIN had been emailed to him asking not to carry out anymore alarm fix updates as it was damaging the body control module !!! I’ve had a case ope with Nissan customer service for 6months now . I now await future update .
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Here’s the bulletin number if this helps anyone …(.TB - EL 23 / 11 )
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