Saying bye to the Tesla and hi to the Ariya

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Post by Columbo »

120k miles and nearly 4 years of the Tesla M3LR and it was time to replace. Decided to use the salary sacrifice option at work and chose the Ariya as it will make me £300 a month after tax better off. Was looking at the Model Y but I would of been another £200 worse off.

I have few questions:
The app. There is no subscription for the Tesla app, Ive read different things on the website some saying it's included for 5year others a month?
Route planning. Does the satnav schedule charging stops when needed on long trips and does it also tell you how busy the chargers are?
Are you getting software updates 'over the air' to fix any issues/ bugs or is it a visit to the dealership?
I've a 22kw Tesla charger already, anyone else used 22kw on the 87kwh battery. In theory it should charge from low to full in the Octopus cheap rate?
On the subject of charging. I think it has scheduled charging? Is there a charge limit you set as you're not supposed to do 100% daily? Is the car compatible with intelligent Octopus where they control when it charges during the night?
Don't worry about answering them all in one reply, just pick N mix if you want 😜

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Post by Cosmyc »

There's a paid subscription fee for the app, features are separated into various categories, some have 1 year free, others 3 or 5 years free then paid, you choose which of them you want to pay.
The app and the satnav does include charge planning.
The car has software and map updates via OTA.
With 22kW charging it should charge in 4 hours.
The car has scheduled charging but can't set a SoC limit.
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Post by ashleycarr »

If there is still time you might ask the dealer to give you 3 years "free" subscription to the battery manager as an incentive, as that is barely useful, but as Cosmyc says you can't charge to a specific SOC, another downside to the app, which is lamentably poor. Sat Nav, not worth bothering with, use Google or Apple. It's not compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go tariff. OTA is possible, I understand, but the only update I have had was done by the dealer and that meant it staying in overnight because of the problems they had installing it. On the whole the car is great but with some niggles, which every car has to be fair. A lot less than most though and you will certainly enjoy the interior to a Tesla but will miss a lot of the tech that comes with them as standard. Enjoy the £300 a month benefit, that should put a smile on your face.
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Post by Columbo »

Great info, thanks.
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Post by Wombat »

Strange, I have A OHME Home Pro charger using Octopus Intelligent Go, the OHME app connects to the car through the Nissan app. the system works well (I do have to log in to Nissan again sometimes, and I have to reboot the charger occasionally). The car will charge reliably up to the SOC setting on the OHME app. So, I would say that the Ariya is able to use the Octopus Intelligent Go tariff.
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Post by Columbo »

Yes you're correct as the Ohme charger is the smart part which Octopus controls.
I've already got a 22kw 3 phase Tesla wall charger but it's the 1st gen one so is dumb.
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