12v battery discharge again

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Can you tell me where you get the 12v battery information from? Jan

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Further update to my previous posts re original 12 v battery problem:
Got the car back today after 4.1/2 weeks off the road.
After consulting Nissan Japan the:
12 v battery has been replaced.
The camera Assy- Lan has been replaced.
The Sensor Assy- Dis has been replaced.
The Bracket - Distance has been replaced.
The bracket - Sensor has been replaced

So as far as I can see, a positive from this unhappy experience is that I have not put a month of miles on the clock!

The Dealer has been fair in loaning me a Leaf for the duration.
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I've been reading this thread with interest.

My 12-volt battery died suddenly without warning on 19 November 2023. I left the car for a few hours and then mysteriously it all started working again. The car's been into the dealership subsequently for 2 software updates (inverter and alarm), and annual service and they had to fit a new steering wheel last month (it was shorting out so lane assist didn't work). I'm wondering if a) the software updates did anything to fix the battery issue or b) the steering wheel fault caused it?

I'm interested in getting a battery monitor. This has been mentioned in this thread but I missed if anyone explained which one is the best to get and how to fit it. Please don't laugh, but I don't even know where the 12-volt battery is. I've read somewhere that it's in the boot and there are connectors you can use under the bonnet for a booster (something I'm considering getting) but the manual is so terrible I can't fathom out where those are either. I'll get my coat...

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It is in the boot, lift up the bottom tray to find it. A lot of battery monitors on eBay. I've just gone for a battery booster.
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This morning when I started the car to go to work the "EV warning" light went on although no detailed warning on cluster or abnormal car behavior.
Then I checked through OBD the DTC code, which was according to service manual "P1ABD-19 HIGH VOLTAGE INPUT CURRENT ERROR 1", which basically means that the DC-DC 12V converter had a bad 400V high voltage input at startup for at least 2 seconds, which stops the DC-DC converter for working on that driving session, which means that this morning I was driving discharging the 12V battery for 12V accesories because it wasn't being charged.

Service manual says to check 12V battery to be at least 11V before "overnight cold start" if not replace battery, if battery good then to leave the vehicle inactive for at least 15 minutes to wait for systems to enter sleep mode to pseudo reset before trying again to start it up to see if the error persists, if it is, replace DC-DC converter.

Booked for service.

Edit: after several hours the error went away and the DC-DC converter is working as usual.
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