Anyone else had a vibration

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Post by trigger »

Hi all
Anyone else had a vibration come though the steering wheel from the front wheels?, feels a little bit like wheel balance wobble. This only seems to happen at higher speeds between 65-70ish mph. It is not the vibration you get when you get to close to a white line and I have not kerbed a wheel or hit a pot hole. It has been happening since I got the car, brand new.
If any of you have had a similar issue, I'd be interested to hear before the car goes in next week to be looked at.

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Post by Cosmyc »

Not in my unit
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Post by karltk1 »

No, not me either, I do get a slight whistle at 70 mph from somewhere.
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All the characteristics of an out of balance wheel.
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No problem here either and I also get a whistle at 70 (or slighly above....)
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Just got my car yesterday and it is doing the same, does feel like wheel balance, 'Trigger' did they sort yours out when it went in to be fixed?
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Nope. Take it to a tyre place or back to dealer.
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