Faults and Technical chat for the Nissan Ariya
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Post by Graham »

Just got my renewal notice, except it wasn’t, present Company (Flow an offshoot of LV) said that unfortunately they couldn’t give me a renewal price.

So the usual rigmarole of getting new quotes. They ranged from £867 to £2,367.

I live in a quiet rural village in Scotland. This is crazy.

It’s not much of an option to sell the car and get a smaller less costlier car due to the horrific depreciation on a low mileage 1 year old car.

Any one else experiencing this?

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Post by Milkfloat »

Mine went up over 45% to £440 so I was moaning! I live in Central Southern England where one would assume that costs were higher. Big price increases come with parking on the road, specific age groups, limited or zero no-claims discount and penalty points. I would like to be 22 but none of the negatives apply to me.
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Post by mickatkirkby »

I renewed with Flow. Up 55% to £550, couldn't get anything lower. Claim free, Yorkshire village parked on drive. EV cars expensive to fix and not getting any younger (74). Looks like were chipping-in for all the missing Land Rovers.
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Post by vinzy_21 »

ours for some reason has nearly trippled to £1872 from £650...tried all with only cheapest so far is Admiral (with telematic box) - around £1000
Feel like complete rip off as last full year was £650 with Direct Line
Any suggestions which other insurance provider to try?
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Post by ashleycarr »

Mines due 17th March, will report back but probably not helpful as insurance is so individual, not sure you learn much from others quotes.
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Post by karltk1 »

Mines due in Apr can't wait to fund the stolen land rovers.
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Post by ashleycarr »

Well I just paid (nose is still bleeding), £565, 20% up on last year. I did add a couple of extras such as protecting no-claims, first time for years but on balance I think it is worth it with premiums so high. I also upgraded the terms of a courtesy car, they are no longer simple. Given I had crazy prices thrown at me, £1,100 from Aviva and a joke one of £1,400 from Direct Line I suppose I can't complain much but it took a lot of effort so keep going is my advice.

One little anecdote. The first price I got from LV was well over £600 until I checked all the relevant facts that I filled in on-line. Good job I did as it had some how mangled how long both myself and my wife have had a licence. It defaulted to 2019, changed it and saved a considerable amount.
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