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Post by TaylorT2 »

Hi all,

New member here, thinking about ordering a Nissan Ariya Engage/Advance 87kwh.

I did however want to ask the owners of this vehicle a few questions:

- How long did you have to wait for your order to arrive, especially if on a company car scheme like me.

- What is your range like in summer/winter

- How bad is the battery Degradation over 2-3 years, on the 87kwh battery. As cars like the ID3 have really bad degradation

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Post by Cosmyc »


I ordered at launch directly from a Nissan dealer, my initial wait time was 5 months, ended being 10 months.

Canary Islands here, so my weather is mostly summer all year, with relaxed and efficient driving I do about 330 miles.

There's no much data on degradation on Ariya, mine is 13 months old now and degradation is less than 12% still, don't know if it's 1%, 6% or 10% precisely, but the 87kWh Ariya has a big buffer of 5kWh at least, in practice I have the same range from new to today.
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Post by ScubaStewart »

A little hard to answer questions, as I was a pre-order on day of launch, so waited 15 months, therefore not relevant to ordering now. As for degradation, the car is not that old, only just coming up to 2 years for the early single motor ones that were delivered, however, my one which is 14 months old now with 13,500 miles shows no signs of degradation. As for range, my one is an e-4orce, and I do a lot of high speed motorway miles and i have a very heavy right foot, also may not be hugely relevant if you are going for a single motor, but about 230 in summer, and 205 in winter.
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Post by andyjackson »

I’ve just ordered new via LEX (company car)

Dealership it’s been assigned to are looking at 10-12 months. So April 2025!

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Post by angus5737 »

Waited 2 months in October 22 as it was a cancelled the winter the range falls to 250 miles in really cold weather.charged today In 26 c and the range is 315 miles haven't noticed any change since last year.mine is 87kw evolve
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