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angus5737 wrote: Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:12 pm There is an ariya owner on Facebook that has a method to illuminate the front badge on evolve models I'll try it tomorrow if it ever stops raining
Thanks for sharing, I'll try myself when mine arrives, seems easy to do.

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Hi, any chance you could forward a link, I don't use Facebook. Thanks.
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Same here, don’t use Facebook would be great to see.

Do we know if this is actually illegal?
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Can you tell me how to connect please
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Sorry only able to screenshot page which I can't download to forum.shows as an invalid file
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hope this helps






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To be the devils advocate here! Also not wanting to be a killjoy but…..

It’s not legal in the UK or Europe, as it was not documented in the type approval. External lighting has to have an ‘E’ number.

You may invalidate your insurance (modification) & warranty.

The modification back feeds 12v to a power FET in the IPDM which may log error codes in the IPDM or the BCM. (Your service centre will know what you did)

As the mod is supplying the emblem without a suitably rated fuse, you could end up with a fire either due to a fault or if you’re involved in a collision.

IDPM - Intelligent Power Distribution Module
BCM - Body Control Module
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Hi thanks for the post, something we probably haven't considered
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Can’t find this . Can someone post a link please.
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hi, new member here.

i wired mine up a little differently from criag's instructions .

i cut the red wire from the socket in the IPDM box and then spliced that wire into the light blue ignition wire..

works well and if i need to switch the nissan logo off then thats easily done by disconnecting the plug from the back of the logo light..
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