The Effect of Wind

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Yesterday, I drove 70 miles in a predominantly South Westerly direction which was virtually straight into the very strong wind. Speed was sub 70mph and sometimes sub 60mph due to the dreadful weather. (It was very mild, of course at about 11C so not much cabin heating). On arrival, I had achieved 3.2 miles/kWhr. On the way back, with the wind directly behind me, I was travelling at about the same speeds as the outbound but, this time, due to much higher traffic volumes. Arriving home, I had achieved 4.2 mile/kWh.
Obviously, wind has to have an effect on performance but I have never been able to put a number on it before. For those anticipating a trip towards the limit of range, clearly, wind strength and direction is worth thinking about.

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A few days ago before the wind/storm. No rain, minimal wind, temp 7 to 11'C - 4 occupants - M25/M3 driving pretty much 60 to 70mph average with some 50mph stretches. Half in daylight and half at night. Started 100% charge ended at 2% charge.
Total Range 211 miles on the 87kw Ariya. Not exactly over the moon with the range on that trip. Also the auto speed detection failed to read about 20% of the clearly marked speed signs which was annoying.
I stopped using ProPilot for a while but I thought let me try it again on that trip.
Drove at least half the trip with ProPilot weaving from side to side every +-30 seconds in the lane like a bad over the limit driver, in fact I had to intervene many times to avoid trucks.
It drove me off the road completely 4 times on that trip on the M3 once on a straight and the rest around the gentlest of curves. All lines on road clearly visible and well marked.
It was more stressful to make sure the car didn't do anything stupid than what it would have been just relaxing and driving. Also I have to really grip the right side of the steering wheel fairly well because the left half of my wheel doesn't work since they broke it and didn't fix it. But I just wanted to see if anything has improved since my last attempt. Guess not.
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Yeah wind has a significant effect on EV's, and Ariya in particular is more critical due to front volume to cut through wind.
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