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Nismo has returned with a flagship SUV based on the Ariya e-4orce, offering up to 429bhp and bespoke styling.

Nissan specialist tuning arm Nismo has returned with an electric flagship based on the Ariya crossover.
Revealed at the 2024 Tokyo motor show, the Ariya Nismo is the first specially honed electric model from the Japanese firm's tuning division.

It is based on the top-specification Ariya e-4orce, but over that car it gains up to 10% more power, tuned throttle dynamics, a Nismo driving mode and a raft of more aggressive exterior design touches.

Creating up to 442lb ft of torque, Nissan tells us the Ariya's Nismo-tuned all-wheel electric drive technology will give more stability in cornering and better acceleration. All that power and electric drive is coupled with a sportier aesthetic, too. Nissan hasn’t published any performance stats yet, but the thing isn’t light, weighing as much as 2.2-tonnes.







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I couldnt think of a worse platform to use than the Ariyas for a sporty, fast based model.

It looks a bleedin' mess in the photos, way too fussy.

But in keeping with the current influx of new powerful, sporty midrange EVs I can understand why Nissan have jumped on this and I suppose at the very least the Ariya Nismo should be competitively priced. However,if I was in the market for such a model, then the Ioniq 5N is looking like the benchmark for these kinds of EVs.
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