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Post by Cosmyc »

Mine through March to December 2023 with 9000+ miles driven has had an average consumption of 3.8 miles per kWh which is pretty good in my book, I do a little bit more than the WLTP advertised range without a hassle.

Note: this is on Canary Islands, Spain and never exceeding 60mph.

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Post by Graham »

Your warm climate obviously helps. Here in Scotland at this time of year I get circa 3.1 KwH
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Post by vinzy_21 »

Cosmyc - this is pretty average. Ours average is 3.5 miles per kWH but this was hard to reach (trying not to use too much AC or heating during summer / winter). We live in London. Recently noticed that even with decent miles per kWH, our Ariya has dropped in overall miles when fully charged (this is the indicator which shows on top with battery % and miles left). Any reason why? Car has only done 8000miles and just a year old now.
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Post by Milkfloat »

8000 miles is not enough to affect the battery much, assuming that you don't flatten it or charge to 100%. The range calculation is primarily about your driving history with modification by ambient and battery temperatures. All things being equal, range will trend down over winter bit it will start to rise again in another month or so.
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Post by ashleycarr »

Car tells me my all time average is 3.6. after 12,000 miles.
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Post by karltk1 »

Not sure if it's a coincidence, but since my dealer software update recently, I have been getting some good numbers. Could just be the nissan computer adding things up wrong though. But getting over 3.2 AVG in winter so far. Has been warm though. That's doing national speed limits and Aircon on auto at 22.
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Post by ashleycarr »

Mixed driving yesterday, circa 30 miles with temp about 15c I got 4.3 at circa 40 mph. That is remarkable and with the big battery gives me well over 350 miles. Unlikely to sustain that over a long journey with mainly motorway. Under 3c and all bets are off, more like under 3.
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Post by jeffgolding »

My 87kwh evolve does circa 370 in the warmer weather and has done 310-320 through the winter, and I love it 🥰
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