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Hi Everyone,

I have a company car which is up for renewal and I’m very interested in the Ariya 87kw.

The car will happily do the miles I need for 11 months of the year. The 12th month we head to France on holiday.

Does anyone have any experience towing a trailer (600kg) with this car?

If so, what is the range like and what changes have you had to make moving from a ICE car to an EV.

Ordinarily we’d travel from Manchester to Saint Omer in a day and then Saint Omer to the south west of France ( Dordogne or Oleron etc)

Any experiences and advice happily received.

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Post by scarey »

found this in an online owners manual..

doesnt mean much to me but it might for you,



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The towing capacity of the Aryia in the uk for 2wd cars is 750 kg ……..4wd cars 1500kg . I have 2wd evolve with dealer fitted detachable towbar fitted . I tow an Eriba puck caravan ( 680 kg ) . Towing is an absolute dream . I’ve only done shorter trips around 150 miles with varying range results . I live in Scotland and can only say that the hills absolutely kill the range ( wish I lived in Holland 😂) . I’m sure with good planning your trip is more than possible .
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Post by Graham53 »

I tow a 1200kg caravan with an 87 kWh e force. Range drops drastically - I can usually get 320 on a full charge but drops to about 150 when towing. Guessometer averages about 2.2 miles per kw while towing. The only changes to driving are the usual - gentle acceleration and smooth as you can be, just what you’d expect for trying to extend range.
Ian Thompson
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I just got my 87kWHr ARIYA E4orce & are having a tow bar fitted they cost about £1000 fitted+VAT. The tow bars are special & also detachable. I intend to tow a small trailer to do some camping weekends later in the year. I am having the fitting done at a specialist tow bar company but most of the cost is tow bar itself. It has to be compatible with the sensors that control the “kick open” feature when you wave your leg under the car to open the rear door, they said it will need to come in from Germany. Can’t wait to have our first camping trip I will let you know what range I get!
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Post by andyjackson »

Thanks for that info.

I’ve chatted with someone from YouTube who said they got 3.2m/kwh with a trailer tent and roof box on a 300 mile camping trip. If that’s correct then I’ll be pretty happy!
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