idiotic 360 camera behaviour

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Post by Nerdy »

Reversing and then drive forward to to manoeuvre into a tight space, but the camera view disappears as soon as you change from reverse?

Also the speed at which the camera view appears (on manual switch) or disappears is a far too low. 10 mph would have been more reasonable.

Is there anyway to change this frankly idiotic behaviour?

Do Nissan engineers actually drive?

Rant over

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Post by Cosmyc »

As an alternative if your Ariya has it you can push the Auto Park button and the 360 view will remain active up to 20mph, although cameras still only get visible at 7mph but you don't need to active them again and again as long as you don't surpass 20mph, not optimal but better nonetheless.
Ian Thompson
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Post by Ian Thompson »

When you change from reverse to drive just press the illuminated “Camera” button on the right of main screen!
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