Rough ride?

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I think the ride is pretty firm in my 87kw eforce evolve - I can live with it though... I agree with Mike above regarding the car pitching back and forth when you come to a halt.... very weird, like a boat. Anyone know what causes this / how to fix it?

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Afraid not, not something I've experienced. Definitely a ride that is way too firm for what is essentially a family car, certainly not sporty.
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I can only contribute to this as an ex - driving instructor. If you use some cadence braking the car will not rock like a boat 🚤. As you come to a halt just release the pressure on the brake pedal slightly and it should eliminate this problem……hope this helps
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87kWh Evolve here, it's definitely on the firm side, not too much, not at a level I would describe as rough but it's not a french car by any means.
Smooth and delicate driving eliminates the rocking all together. The only real issue I have is that when passengers want to sleep when riding on a rough surface the head rocking against the headrest it's awful, aside from that very pleased with the ride, the car doesn't feel like a gelatin when doing a sporty driving on mountains like other SUV's I have driven before, which I like, and highway with B+ or better concrete road quality the ride is wonderful, much better than a Tesla and other Ariya competitors for sure, it's not perfect though, on specific frequency rough surfaces the car drops that smoothness, but never loses the "planted" feeling with the road, rough? sometimes, loose? never.
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