Alarm going off all the time

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Ian Thompson
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My alarm went off repeatedly on a windy night, would not correct with unlock/lock sequence on key. Eventually managed to find how to disable the cabin movement sensor via an option hidden in Settings menu on the steering wheel menu (left scroll bar) . That seemed to fix it I set it to “Alwsys Ask” if you want cabin alarm sensors activated or not each time you switch off the car. I’ve put it in for a warranty repair because this is not right. I also heard that initiating the cabin air conditioning to pre-cool the car can also set off the alarm I met someone in Nissan dealer who had that happen think it is a known fault seems that airflow might set off the cabin sensors & set the alarm off. Anyone had similar experience also does anyone know if there is a way to know if the alarm has gone off while the car is left I couldn’t see anything and when it happened to me there was nothing to let me know when I entered the car and turned it on & also nothing on the Nissan Connect App

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Post by Cosmyc »

As far as I know there's no way to know if the alarm has went off anytime.
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theres a recall for that problem...i had mine done recently..
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Got my car back yesterday where they did a re-call fix for this. Seems to be ok now.
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Are 2024 cars affected?
No recalls on DVLA website for Ariya
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There is a software fix for the pre conditioning alarm problem.
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