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Hi All,

Just took our delivery of our new Evolve 87kWh last week, Very excited!

As we are still within the initial 2 months we were considering the 4 yr Enhanced plan, anyone taken something out similar? Trying to decide if it's worth £20 a month.

Appreciate any prior experience, Thanks!


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Post by Cosmyc »

How much does it cost total? And what does it cover specifically?
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Not sure about the cost and cover, but I wouldn't bother with it. The cost of servicing will cheap as there is little to service on the car, when compared to ice cars. Tyres should last a reasonable amount of miles and brakes hardly get used, so a minor brake check and lube is that needs. I am not sure how expensive Nissan will charge but my friends mg zs was £30 for his first service. Ultimately it's up to you and how you feel. Save the £20 in a car service fund in your bank. The warranty covers the rest for 3 years.
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Sounds expensive, Leaf was £160 for a yearly service. £960 over 4 years is £240.00 a service if you are going once a year.

Depends on what’s included outside the 3yr warranty.
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I saw that. I don’t believe it’s worth £6 per month more than the standard plan to get wiper blades and key fob batteries.
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Post by ashleycarr »

I've been quoted £240 p.a. Seems expensive to me. My Qashqai was circa £350 p.a. averaged over small and big service. My thoughts are to pay 3 years up front to prevent price rises.
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Keep perspective, 10% of a small number is a small number. Compare that to annual depreciation and keep your money until you need to spend it.
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My view is that dealership costs are only going to rise and with it servicing costs. The value of full main dealer servicing means it leaves you with no real alternative. Bite the bullet pay it all upfront and it should be a hedge against further rises.
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I’ve taken out a 2 year plan £13 per month covers 2 services. As @ashleycarr says, they’ve got you over a barrel really as for the warranty you need to get it serviced and the price of that is bound to go up - if not for the first service then almost certainly by the time I get to the second one.

The price saves £50 off their current pricing cost for the 2 services and is locked in for the duration so either way I’m saving and paying monthly means I won’t notice it.

Each to their own!

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Has anybody succeeded in taking out the Ariya service plan via the Nissan Website yet? (Regular or enhanced). https://nissan-serviceportal.motor-admi ... -details-1

When I enter my car registration it correctly identifies the vehicle but on the next page it reports "No Matching Products"

Tried calling the number on the site (0344 573 8022) but they claim that they only provide support to the garages undertaking the service and to talk to Nissan CS as its their website. Tried calling Nissan CS who tell me to call 0344 573 8022 or my local dealer.

Have checked the local dealer's website (Hendy) and their service plan prices are coming in much higher than those on the Nissan site.


I'm loving the car, but not so impressed with Nissan corporate aftersales so far. (No complaints about Hendy though, apart from the service plan price).
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