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Post by onir »

I have a Bose package, and I have searched through all the settings to adjust the sound in the car but without any results. When I switch to sound only from the front, the audio sounds good. However, when I switch only to the rear speakers, the sound is very weak and muffled. The subwoofer in the trunk is working, but it's not producing the bass that's expected. Please share how it is for you.

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Post by Nisari »

I fully agree, it’s a huge disappointment to be honest.
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I think mine is really good. My last car (Volvo) had Harmon Kardon, the Bose is so much better.
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Absolutely fine for me, it depends on your expectations I guess. Im not expecting the same performance as my Sonos but I expect it to be better than a Micra or a Quashqai which it is.
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I also have the Bose package but its certainly not great. 5/10 score in my books.
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It depends on expectations and on your sound profile taste, for me it lacks some treble, so I tuned it and sounds much better for me. It has some good bass if you tune it up but I'm not that kind of listener.
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I had a Harman and kardon in my X3 and it was good. The Bose is weak if you use a usb stick for some reason. I like Bose and enjoy the base it affords. Using my pixel 7 pro and spacial sound, it really makes a huge difference. That's via blue tooth. Haven't tried a cable yet.
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On a similar thread I posted about my discovery of proamp app link here
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According to the service manual the Ariya has the following speakers:

For the standard trim, 2x20W 4ohms 6.5" on front doors, 2x7W 4ohms 2.5" on dash and 2x20W 4ohms 6.5" on rear doors.

For the BOSE trim, 2x13.5W 2ohms 6.5" on front doors, 2x4W 4ohms 2.5" squawkers on dash, 2x6,8W 4ohms 1" tweeters on A pillars, 2x7,2W 3,7ohms 5" on rear doors and 2 woofers on a 16" spare tire plastic casing on boot, with 5,2Vrms of performance (doesn't specify if that is for one or for both in total) of 1ohms.
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This was posted on the USA forum, I am definitely not a sound expert but can anyone make sense of this ?



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