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Ian Thompson
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Post by Ian Thompson »

I love the car overall but the wireless phone pad doesn’t work…

It shows orange light when I put my phone on it and appears to be charging at first…then the phone gets hotter and hotter until it is so hot the phone itself overheats and shuts down - not so good if you are using the phone for “Google Maps” navigation and “Spotify” for audio!

One time I had to put the phone into the air conditioned air stream of the vent slits to get it cool enough so it would restart!

The phone is Apple iPhone XR. I always removed the case and tried various position on the pad to lift it up the incline slightly or upside down but nothing worked. So I’ve put it in as a Warranty fault.

Anyone else having same problem?

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Post by scarey »

mine does that ..gets very hot but luckily i dont have to use the wireless charger so its a problem for me..
i see a recall coming for this..
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Post by Cosmyc »

There's a recall if I remember correctly for a firmware update on the wireless pad module for some iPhone models that have that trouble.

I have a S23 Ultra and it works wonderfully, it even charges my headphones case no problem, haven't tried any iPhone.
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